Canvas printing Ideas

You can definitely be creative when it comes to canvas printing. A normal photo can have so many varieties that it can actually shock any individual. A normal comment like “how did you do this” will always surround you! So, here are some ideas to get you started.

A funky border to your photo

A dingy border effect will enhance the overall drama of your photo. You can actually show that the photo was painted or you can create an interesting look as if it is a processed film photo. You can either use an online application or any photo editing software to bring effects.

How about an old fashioned photo?

You can always create an old fashioned picture by aging your photo. The photos then tend to appear like Polaroid or something like 1930’s photo. These types of photos will look better on a person who is in a seated position. It adds elegancy and style to the picture.

Add hues

You can completely change a modern photo by adding a variety of colors to it. Color the person in the picture black and white to make it look old. On the other hand, make the surroundings colorful. A dynamic image will be created and would look totally different and unique. The results may shower you with comments!

A 3D effect

3D effect is being used continuously nowadays. It has captured a lot of attention. A normal photography cannot capture images that have a 3D effect. It would be very difficult technically to bring such a change. Hence, to add more drama to the background and the locations, these cool features are used.

Try with the canvas printing if you are a devotee of photography. Be creative and always bring things which are unusual and attractive.