An easy photo editing tutorial

Photo editing and effecting might take some time for the greenhorns. It is better to start from the scratch in order to learn the basics first. The photo editing might look like a complicated software, but fret not. Everything seems complicated before you learn, right?

Get the basics clear

What type of image file do you want? - After you have edited your photo, the Photoshop would ask you to save the picture in psd format. However it is advised to save it in jpeg format. This is a commonly accepted file that would allow you to upload photos in any websites.

Know the right contrast- You might have often come across the word “contrast”. At times you adjust the contrast of your TV or maybe a photo in your phone. Contrast actually means the difference between the black and the white colors. Contrasts play an important role as it makes a picture clear than before and focuses on each object.

Which quality level should you choose? – Before you save the picture, you will be asked which quality level to choose. The idea level should be 60. This will reduce your picture size accurately and make it look more superior. Also, not much space will be taken to get saved.

A wonderful background- You have clicked a family picture, but the background does not seem to be commendable. You can definitely not change the background with the MS word paint, but it is easy with the Photoshop. Make the background transparent first and then create or paste the desired photo, shape or anything you want. Once done, click “saves for web”. Do not click “save as” as the transparent background will be lost then.

Things will get easy once you start playing with the tool. Go ahead with your creativity.